RD-500III RD Series BGA/SMT Rework Machines

Designed for Standard or Lead Free Solders, Large or Small Boards, Large or Small Components

Both the RD-500III and the RD-500SIII feature 700 watt upper and lower hot air heaters. By delivering hot air simultaneously from above and below, these units are able to evenly heat the component and solder connections.

・System Controller PC-500    ・LCD Display
・Bottom Nozzle Small    ・Adaptor Plater for Board Holder
・Bottom Nozzle Large    ・Board Holder Support
・Board Holder Stopper    ・Small Board Holder
・Thermo Couple K-Type    ・Vacuum Pad, Large Medium & Small
・Allen Wrench Set    ・RS232C Cable
・S-Video Cable    ・Mouse・ Key Board ・Mouse Pad
・USB Extension Cable    ・USB Flash Memory (Operation Manual)
・BP-500 Paste Applying Kit w/o Stencil    ・Skidge

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