Industrial Oven

Model types: Horizontal-type: Controller and blower to the right of the chamber Vertical-type: Controller and blower at the top of the chamber (air distributed horizontally from back wall)

Thermal Shock Chamber (Air to Air) Damper Type

Automatic setting of pre-cooling and pre-heating for energy savings/Eco operation mode (Patent pending) Minimizing frost load by defrost-free operation 1000 cycles continuous operation Highly accurate temperature recovery

Walk-in Type Temperature (& Humidity) Chamber

Temperature range from -40ºC to +80ºC Color LCD touch panel (N-instrumentation) USB memory port for output recorded data Test area size from 4.2m³ to 52.7m³ or more as custom All-weather LED lights inside chamber

Environmental Test Chamber HIFLEX NEO S Series

Compact and space-saving design by stacking plural chamber(s), Up to 3 (three) kinds of test is operative simultaneously. User-friendly comfortable operation via optional smart controller Not only program operation but also data acquisition by externa

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