Micro-volume Dispensing Screw Pump

The eco-PEN 450/600, developed by ViscoTec, is a new and innovative constant-volume volumetric dispenser, suitable for micro-volume dispensing of low to medium viscosity liquids in diverse applications.

Highly accurate micro-volume volumetric dispensing, free of the influence of change in viscosity
Stable dispensing independent of the initial pressure as well as excellent pressure tightness that eliminates the need for valves
Suck-back effect reliably stops liquids at the end of dispensing. It prevents liquids from dripping, resulting in excellent finish to pattern drawing.
Simple structure and easy maintenance
Micro-volume dispensing screw pump eco-PEN 450/600

     eco-PEN450    eco-PEN600
Feeding unit    Luer Lock (patented) with O-ring
Input pressure

0 to 0.6 MPa (Non-thixotropic liquid)
Maximum dosing pressure    1.6 to 2.0 MPa
Specific air-tightness *1    Approx. 0.2 MPa 
(Reference media: Approx. 10 mPa•s/20ºC)
Wet component    HD-POM/Stainless
Sealing    High polymer PE, VisChem
Fixed sealing    O-ring (Viton for liquid seal, nitrile for dust seal)
Motor    18 to 24 VDC (with encoder)
Dosing rate    0.05ml/rotation    0.14ml/rotation
Dosing accuracy *2    ±1%
Repeatability    99% or higher
Minimum dosage    0.004ml    0.015ml
Volume flow rate *3    0.5 to 6.0 mL/min    1.4 to 16.0 mL/min
Weight    Approx. 300g    Approx. 580g

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