Xenon Weather Meter GX75

This is the world wide model for general purpose compatible with international standards such as ISO, SAE, ASTM and AATCC

Light source Xenon-arc lamp WX7.5 (7.5 kW water-cooled type)
Test types Light only, light & spray on front face (rain), dark only, dark & spray on back face (dew), dark & spray on both faces

40 to 120W/m2 at 300 to 400nm

filter requirement example: daylight filter

Temperature and humidity range Light test: 63 to 110+-20C of black panel temparature (BPT; depending on the level of irradiance), 50+-5% RH (at 630C of BPT and 60W/m2)
Dark test: 38+-20C of chamber temperature, 95+-5% RH
Number of specimens Maximum 63 pieces (150x70x1mm)
External dimension of instrument App W103xD127xH185cm
Weight App 560 Kg


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