DC Power Supply KX Series

The KX series is a constant voltage/constant current DC power supply of the switching type that enables variation from zero. The adoption of the zoom system(*1) realizes four times as high an extension ratio of the output power as without it. Either of the constant voltage and constant current modes can be selected for use, and it can be set any value between zero and the full scale. Fully digital control allows you to make settings accurately and with high reproducibility.

Zoom power supply
Multiple functions in one unit. It can serve several functions according to the combinations of voltages and currents.
Compact and lightweight
This switching type power supply has about one-third of the weight and about half the weight in comparison with the dropper type with the same output power. Furthermore, the KX-100 (100W) type does not have a cooling fan and is silent. * The KX-210 type (210W) has a fan.
Preset memory function
Up to three combinations of output voltages and currents can be read and written. Voltage variation tests,etc. can be performed in simple operations.
Digital communications
With RS-232C provided as standard equipment, output voltage and current settings and measurements, alarms, and statuses can be read via the serial communication ports of PC, PLC, etc. Additionally, with a multi-connection interface function provided as standard equipment, up to 31 units of the KX series can be controlled in multi-connection from only one RS-232C port by adding the optional KXC-300 cables.

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