AI Software

Customized software for automated inspection

Anomaly detector software (AI)

Unsupervised anomaly detector can be trained by positive (error-free) examples. It is enough to provide just a few example images. It is able to inspect stable objects or even completely unstable surfaces like deformed textile with pattern.

Surface Detector Software (AI)

Surface Detector is a tool which can be trained to find defects on a completely heterogeneous surfaces. Example of such defects: rust, abrasion, leakage etc.

Object Detector Software (AI)

Object detector and classifier can find objects with unstable shape - e.g. knots on wood. It doesn't even matter if the objects are rotated.

Object Classification Software (AI)

The Object Classification software divides training input images into groups labeled by the user according to their particular features. As a result the name of a class and the classification confidence are given

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