AC Power Source EPO Series

The EPO series is a line of epoch-making power supplies, using new method of power amplifier unit. They provide high efficiency (approx. 76%) unimaginable with previous products, while being even more light weight and compact.

LCR Meter ZM Series

NF's ZM series LCR meters cover a wide frequency range, from the low-frequency region of 1 mHz up to 5.5 MHz. Supports a wide range of applications, from materials research to component production lines, by means of high-speed, low measurement fluctuatio

Multifunction Generator

NF has incorporated an innovative waveform library called a parameter-variable waveform function. The parameter-variable waveform offers an easy-order waveform system. The WF1973 and WF1974 are high-specification instruments that deliver exceptional preci

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