Spectrum Analyzer U3771

A new standard for microwave spectrum analyzers. An analyzer that combines portability, a quality required for inspecting and servicing different types of communication systems, with maximum functionality in the field.

MESA-50 X-Ray Fluorescence Analyzer

MESA-50 provides user friendly operation and good performance. MESA-50 includes three analysis diameters, suitable for every sample, from thin cables and electronic parts to bulk samples. The combination of SDD detector and DPP changes the image of EDXRF.

Display Color Analyzer

Chroma 7123 Display Color Analyzer adopts the design of contact and non-contact type measurements based on the probe selected to measure the luminance and chromaticity of display panels

Optical Spectrum Analyzer 8341

The 8341 is an optical spectrum analyzer for analyzing short wavelengths from 350nm to 1000 nm. Because it adopts a Fourier spectrum system with a Michelson interferometer, the 8341 can measure the coherence. With its narrow wavelength resolution of 0.01n

X-ray inspection systems SMX-1000

Both the SMX-1000 Plus and SMX-1000L Plus provide high-magnification nondestructive fluoroscopic examinations of junction conditions (disconnect, contact) of ultra-micro parts on high-density PCBs, BGAs, CSPs, or system LSIs.

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