DC Power Supply_PWR Series

The PWR Series offers constant voltage (CV)/constant current (CC) automatic crossover DC power supplies that enable you to combine a wide range of voltages and currents within the output power rating.

DC Power Supply KX Series

The KX series is a constant voltage/constant current DC power supply of the switching type that enables variation from zero. The adoption of the zoom system(*1) realizes four times as high an extension ratio of the output power as without it. Either of th

High Power Programmable AC Source

The Chroma 61500/61600 series programmable AC sources are the right solution to meet market requirements by providing the ability to simulate various AC line input conditions and measurements of critical characteristics for products under test.

Compact AC Power Supplies PCR-M Series

The PCR-M Series is a small-size AC power supply with the ease of a variable auto transformer or an automatic voltage regulator (AVR) and the usefulness of a multifunctional AC power supply.

DC Voltage/Current Source/Monitor 6240B

The DC Voltage Current Source/Monitor 6240B adopts newly a high-speed response pulse source and measurement function and a low-resistance measurement function capable of testing contact resistance of connectors and other parts.

AC Power Supply IT7600 Series

IT7600series high performance programmable AC power supplies, adopt advanced digital signal processing technology, with frequency up to 10-5000 Hz, built-inall-round power meter and large-screen oscilloscope function.

IT6000C Bidirectional Programmable DC Power Supply

The bi-directional programmable DC power supply of IT6000C series combines two devices in one: a power supply (source) and an electronic load (sink) with energy recovery. Based on these two functions, IT6000C offers the functionality of two-quadrant opera

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