Electronic Relay

D-SERIES DRM, Relais, No. of contacts: 4, CO contact with test button, AgNi 0.15 gold flashed, Rated control voltage: 24 V DC, Continuous current: 5 A, Plug-in connection

GPIB Cable

-Completely IEEE 488.2 compatible -Controls up to 14 GPIB instruments -Compact size and light weight -Plug-and-play configuration -No external power required -No GPIB cable required to connect to instruments -Hi-Speed USB compliance


The use of insulated connectors guarantees users consistent electrical connection quality in the long term. Wide range of insulated and non-insulated cable lugs and connectors Tubular cable lugs according to current market standards

PH-400 Spot Heater

Designed for Lead Free Furthermore power up with a max intense of 360W IR Heater to provide additional heating necessary to successfully solder/ desolder small PCBs.

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