SpectroDensitometer 504

Measures any density status quickly and reliably, including Reflection Density. Large display shows a choice of single, 3-color or 4-color density values for maximum flexibility. Density references to store shop or customer specs & see if density change

Spectrophotometer CM-2500d

The CM-2500d Spectrophotometer is a handheld, portable measurement instrument designed to evaluate the color and relative gloss characteristics of samples medium to large in size, particularly with flat surfaces.

Spectro-Densitometer SpectroDens

SpectroDens is your all-purpose, modern measurement device for every application from pre-press to print. Whether it be in pre-print for verifying proofs, for ongoing quality control at the printing press, during delivery inspection of paper

Spectrophotometer SpectroBase Series

SpectroBase is an accurate and compact spectrophotometer for color measurements. The modular approach allows the design of particular measurement geometries used for different applications: Liquids, pastes, granulates, powders and solid surfaces.

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