Drop Tester DTS-50

Basic test of package specifications including a cushioned package design, selection in packaging materials, fragility of packaged contents, standard test of packaged freights (surfaces, corners, edges), etc. can be performed efficiently with a high accur

Vibration Testing System EV Series

Vibration Test systems support a variety of applications including product development and design conformance, product qualification and certification, accelerated life testing and environmental stress screening. It's used in a variety of applications

High acceleration shock testing system

High acceleration shock testing systems are widely used in mobile phone, computer components, optical component, connector and mobile products shock test.

Bump Testing Machine SKM500

Bump testing equipment is suitable for components, equipment and other electronic electrician products during transport or using which may be subjected to repeated shocks.

Drop Tester DT Series

Drop tester is used to measure the dropping impact incidence when the package in using, transportation and decorating. Besides precision plane drop testing, it also can undertake edge and angle test to ensure the complete performance evaluation

Transportation simulator YST500

Transportation Simulators is mainly applied to ISTA , ASTM, TAPPI, ISO MIL - STD, FED - STD, UN, DOT and other industry and government standards stipulated "repeated impact, loose, or jump" test. Frequency range is 2-5Hz, fixed displacement is 1 inch (

High grade range vibration system A-Series

A wider range of test requirements and higher test specifications. A-series meets the needs for such a versatile test environment. Advanced automatic energy saving, high level of functionality and a protected test environment. A series improves the work

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