LCR Meter

General-Purpose LCR Meters with Measurement Frequency from DC, 4Hz to 8MHz

Precision LCR Meter E4980A

The E4980A precision LCR meter provides the best combination of accuracy, speed, and versatility for a wide range of component measurements.

Impedance Analyzer IM3570

The IM3570 is ideal for use in applications requiring low-ESR measurement on the order of several milliohms, for example testing of functional polymer capacitors, due to its superior low-impedance repeatability.

Chemical Impedance Analyzer IM3590

The IM3590 impedance analyzer is an advanced component tester especially suited to electrochemical impedance measurements and includes a variety of graphing functions that are needed for battery and chemical material testing.

Impedance Analyzer 6630

The 6630 Precision Impedance Analyzer is suitable for the LCR and DCR testes of AC signals.

Transformer Tester 5238

Basic Accuracy up to 0.1% Support computer software connection and advanced software editing function Innovative fixture zero-setting function to successfully prevent fixture interference from affecting the accuracy of measured values due to high test v

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