Air Pressure Syringe

Basic functions are incorporated in a compact body for syringe dispensing. This general purpose single-component dispenser is truly cost effective.

Operates at 100 to 240 VAC, requiring no modification for use outside Japan.
The minimum time range setting is 0.001 sec., enabling dispensing of very small volumes and fine control of dispensing time.
Input/output terminals are provided for joint operation with automated machinery such as robots.
Compact and lightweight, this dispenser is portable and requires only a small installation space.
Air pressure syringe type DCOP-SC series

Models    DCOP- SC1    DCOP- SC2
Output range    0.0005ml (min.)
Supply voltages    100 ~ 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
Time range    0.001 ~ 99.999 sec.
Pressure range    0.02 ~ 0.49MPa

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